Floribunda rose

Breeder: Tantau 2015
Height: 60 cm
Planting distance: 50 cm
Has no fragrance

Gold Medal for flower bed roses Baden-Baden (D) 2014
Le Roeulx (B) Certificate of Merit 2014
Barcelona Best Award 2015
Orléans (F) Certificate of Merit 2015
ADR Label 2016

In 2015, this new rose was dedicated to the Valley of the Syre. The river Syre has its source close to the village of Syren (L), crosses a major bird reserve close to Uebersyren and after 32 kilometres, it flows into the Luxembourg Moselle.
The ‘Syra’ is a robust deep pink rose that flowers without fail throughout the summer season. The semi-double flowers open their petals out wide around golden stamens and attract bees. The flowers are remarkably resistant against rain. In 2016, this magnificent rose received the ADR label.



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