Flo­ri­bun­da rose

Bree­der: Zyla 2015
Height: 60 cm
Plan­ting distance: 50 cm
Has no fragrance

Grand Duchy of Luxem­bourg Spe­cial Pri­ze Baden-Baden 2014
Le Roeulx Merit Award 2016

The asso­cia­ti­on Lët­ze­buer­ger Rou­se­frënn was foun­ded on 19 July 1980 in the gre­at hall at Châ­teau de Bourg­lins­ter (L). In 2015, to mark the 35th anni­ver­sa­ry of the asso­cia­ti­on, this beau­tiful rose, crea­ted by the Polish bree­der Sta­nis­las Zyla, was given the name ‘Rou­se­frënn’.
This char­ming rose­bush with deli­ca­te flowers pro­du­ces abun­dant clus­ters of roses throug­hout the sum­mer. The­se fresh litt­le roses made up of num­e­rous fresh pink petals will light up flower beds and bor­ders. Very tole­rant of heat. The dark folia­ge is very resistant to parasites.



Address of the secre­ta­ri­at of the Asso­cia­ti­on
Grand Ducal of the Fri­ends of the Rose :

L- 7441 LINTGEN  Ber­ge­rie, 41

Pho­ne Num­ber: +352 621 422 444

CCPLLULL    IBAN LU32 1111 0943 0521 0000

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