Hybrid Musk Rose
Bree­der: Ann Vel­le (Lens Roses) 2010

Height: 60 – 80 cm
Plan­ting distance: 60 cm
Sweet her­bal fragrance

To mark the 25th anni­ver­sa­ry of the Schen­gen agree­ments, Lët­ze­buer­ger Rou­se­frënn cho­se this rose to high­light the Euro­pean spi­rit. The 5 petals of the rose sym­bo­li­se the five foun­ding count­ries of the Schen­gen area. In 1985, Bel­gi­um, France, Ger­ma­ny, Luxem­bourg and the Net­her­lands ope­ned their bor­ders to enable the free move­ment of their inhabitants.

The colour of each flower is uni­que: the pink edge shows dif­fe­rent shades from dark to paler pink and a white cent­re. The yel­low sta­mens exu­de a deli­ca­te, her­bal fra­grance. The ‘Schen­gen Rose’ flowers bet­ween June and Novem­ber; in autumn it has oran­ge red rose­hips. This bus­hy shrub has medi­um green foliage.



Address of the secre­ta­ri­at of the Asso­cia­ti­on
Grand Ducal of the Fri­ends of the Rose :

L- 7441 LINTGEN  Ber­ge­rie, 41

Pho­ne Num­ber: +352 621 422 444

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