Princesse Sibilla de Luxembourg

Repeat Flowe­ring Shrub Rose
Bree­der: Orard 2010

Height: 100 – 150 cm
Plan­ting distance: 80 cm
Powerful fragrance

1. Gold Medal: Rome, Baden-Baden, Nagao­ka (Japan) 2007
2. Sil­ver Medal: Mon­za, Gen­e­va, Ade­lai­de (Aus­tra­lia) 2007
3. Pri­ze for the best land­scape rose­bush and the best rose Bar­ce­lo­na, 2007

Prin­cess Sibil­la of Luxem­bourg named this excep­tio­nal shrub in the pres­ti­gious set­ting of Palais Biron at the Com­pe­ti­ti­on for New Rose Varie­ties in Baden-Baden in 2010.
This varie­ty with ele­gant inten­se pur­ple semi-dou­ble flowers can be plan­ted as a land­scape rose­bush on its own or in groups of 2–3, or even as a clim­bing rose, sta­ked along wire net­ting. Throug­hout its flowe­ring sea­son, it fills the air with its fra­grance. The ‘Prin­ces­se Sibil­la de Luxem­bourg’ rose has won awards on three con­ti­nents, and brings a touch of ori­gi­na­li­ty to your garden.



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