Princesse Sibilla de Luxembourg

Repeat Flowering Shrub Rose
Breeder: Orard 2010

Height: 100 – 150 cm
Planting distance: 80 cm
Powerful fragrance

1. Gold Medal: Rome, Baden-Baden, Nagaoka (Japan) 2007
2. Silver Medal: Monza, Geneva, Adelaide (Australia) 2007
3. Prize for the best landscape rosebush and the best rose Barcelona, 2007

Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg named this exceptional shrub in the prestigious setting of Palais Biron at the Competition for New Rose Varieties in Baden-Baden in 2010.
This variety with elegant intense purple semi-double flowers can be planted as a landscape rosebush on its own or in groups of 2-3, or even as a climbing rose, staked along wire netting. Throughout its flowering season, it fills the air with its fragrance. The ‘Princesse Sibilla de Luxembourg’ rose has won awards on three continents, and brings a touch of originality to your garden.



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