Clus­ter Rose
Bree­der: Tan­tau 2009

Height: 60 – 80 cm
Plan­ting distance: 60 cm
Very light fragrance

Baden-Baden Gold Medal 2010
Grand Duchy of Luxem­bourg Spe­cial Pri­ze 2010

Accor­ding to legend, Count Sieg­fried, the foun­der of Luxem­bourg (in 963), mar­ried Melu­si­na, a water sprite, who dis­ap­peared fore­ver in the flowing waters of the Alzet­te river. During the Euro­pean Young Hor­ti­cul­tu­ra­lists Con­fe­rence in Luxem­bourg in 2011, this rose was named under the Bock­fel­sen pro­mon­to­ry, the mythi­cal place whe­re Luxem­bourg was founded.

The semi-dou­ble flowers of this robust rose­bush bear some resem­blan­ce to camel­li­as. The effect of the sal­mon red oran­ge is high­ligh­ted by a ravis­hing almost white bor­der on the outer edges of the petals. ‘Melu­si­na’ is an excel­lent rose­bush with glos­sy lea­ves and good repeat flowering.



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