Cluster Rose
Breeder: Tantau 2009

Height: 60 – 80 cm
Planting distance: 60 cm
Very light fragrance

Baden-Baden Gold Medal 2010
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Special Prize 2010

According to legend, Count Siegfried, the founder of Luxembourg (in 963), married Melusina, a water sprite, who disappeared forever in the flowing waters of the Alzette river. During the European Young Horticulturalists Conference in Luxembourg in 2011, this rose was named under the Bockfelsen promontory, the mythical place where Luxembourg was founded.

The semi-double flowers of this robust rosebush bear some resemblance to camellias. The effect of the salmon red orange is highlighted by a ravishing almost white border on the outer edges of the petals. ‘Melusina’ is an excellent rosebush with glossy leaves and good repeat flowering.



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