Hybrid Tea Rose

Bree­der: Tan­tau 2012
Height: 80 cm
Plan­ting distance: 60 cm
Plea­sant fragrance

Bel­fast (Nor­t­hern Ire­land) 1st pri­ze for tea roses
Kor­tri­jk (B) Sil­ver Medal
St. Alb­ans (UK) Gold Medal
The Hague (NL) Gold Medal
Gen­e­va (CH) Sil­ver Medal
Hra­dec Kralo­vé Ladies Pri­ze 2015

His Excel­lence Robert A. Man­dell, United Sta­tes Ambassa­dor to Luxem­bourg 2011–2015, along with Léa Lins­ter, Luxem­bourg chef and the first woman world­wi­de to win the famous ‘Bocu­se d’Or’ pri­ze in 1989, named this magni­fi­cent tea rose.
The tea rose ‘Avec Amour’ is a beau­tiful rose­bush in a sha­de of yel­low that is both bright and ten­der. Its tur­bi­na­ted flowers with their deli­ca­te fra­grance fol­low on from each other con­ti­nuous­ly and look won­derful in a vase. The dark and glos­sy folia­ge does not suf­fer from diseases.
The namer was His Excel­len­cy the Ambassa­dor of the U.S.A..
‘Avec Amour’ won the Sil­ver Medal at the Inter­na­tio­nal Com­pe­ti­ti­on of New Roses in 2011 in Gen­e­va, under the code RT04341.
The bree­der ‘Rosen Tan­tau’ from Ueter­sen is among the big­gest in Euro­pe and wins pri­zes all around the world.



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