Grand-Duc Jean

Hybrid Musk Rose
Bree­der: Ann Vel­le (Lens Roses) 2010

Height: 100 cm
Plan­ting distance: 60 cm
Very light fragrance

Mon­za Gold Medal 2009
Le Roeulx Gold Medal 2009
Gen­e­va Gold Medal 2010

Grand Duke Jean of Luxem­bourg, born on 5 Janu­ary 1921 at Col­mar-Berg Cast­le, was a gre­at natu­re lover. The pre­ser­va­ti­on of fau­na and flo­ra was par­ti­cu­lar­ly important to him. He was the eighth Grand Duke of Luxem­bourg from 1964 to 2000.

The magni­fi­cent ‘Grand Duc Jean’ rose does not requi­re much main­ten­an­ce and is per­fect for plan­ting in natu­ral gar­dens. The pyra­mid-like clus­ters of sin­gle cher­ry red flowers resem­ble hydran­ge­as. The cent­re of the flower is white, and the yel­low sta­mens dif­fu­se a very light fra­grance. This rose­bush flowers throug­hout the sum­mer and is very healt­hy. This rose was a gift to Grand Duke Jean from Annet­te Block and Clau­de Vion (pre­si­dent and secre­ta­ry of the non-pro­fit Lët­ze­buer­ger Rou­se­frënn) in 2010.



Address of the secre­ta­ri­at of the Asso­cia­ti­on
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