Alexandra — Princesse de Luxembourg

Repeat Flowe­ring Shrub Rose
Bree­der: Kor­des 2009

Height: 180 – 200 cm
Plan­ting distance: 80 cm
Sweet fragrance

Sil­ver medal at Kor­tri­jk Competition

This robust rose­bush was a gift from Lët­ze­buer­ger Rou­se­frënn to the young Prin­cess Alex­an­dra of Luxem­bourg for her 18th bir­th­day. Prin­cess Alex­an­dra is the fourth child and only daugh­ter of the Grand Duke Hen­ri and the Grand Duch­ess Maria Teresa.

The ele­gant buds open out into lar­ge inten­se pink dou­ble rosette flowers with a strong fra­grance. This plant flowers regu­lar­ly throug­hout the sum­mer, encou­ra­ged by dead­hea­ding and regu­lar fee­ding and wate­ring. This robust upright-gro­wing rose­bush with its round flowers recalls his­to­ri­cal roses. Its dark folia­ge has a good resis­tance to cryp­to­ga­mic diseases.



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