Shrub rose

Bree­der: Ann Vel­le (Lens Roses) 2016
Height: 100 cm
Plan­ting distance: 60 – 80 cm
Light fragrance

To launch the fes­ti­vi­ties of the 700th anni­ver­s­a­ry of the birth of Charles IV, King of Bohe­mia and Emperor of the Ger­ma­nic Empi­re (1316–1378), Lët­ze­bue­r­ger Rou­se­frënn dedi­ca­ted a pret­ty rose to this illus­trious figu­re from the house of Luxem­bourg. Charles IV, son of Jean of Luxem­bourg, King of Bohe­mia, is con­si­de­red to be one of the gre­at dynastic figu­res of the Midd­le Ages.
‘Emper­eur Charles IV’ is an excep­tio­nal shrub rose that recalls the charm of Eng­lish roses. Its inten­se pur­p­le red cup-shaped flowers exu­de a won­der­ful fra­gran­ce of myrrh and lily of the val­ley. This rose­bush is repeat flowe­ring, with healt­hy foliage.



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