Shrub rose

Breeder: Ann Velle (Lens Roses) 2016
Height: 100 cm
Planting distance: 60 – 80 cm
Light fragrance

To launch the festivities of the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Emperor of the Germanic Empire (1316-1378), Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn dedicated a pretty rose to this illustrious figure from the house of Luxembourg. Charles IV, son of Jean of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia, is considered to be one of the great dynastic figures of the Middle Ages.
‘Empereur Charles IV’ is an exceptional shrub rose that recalls the charm of English roses. Its intense purple red cup-shaped flowers exude a wonderful fragrance of myrrh and lily of the valley. This rosebush is repeat flowering, with healthy foliage.



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