Breeder: Lens Roses 2017

Hybrid Musk Rose
colour: creamy white
Height: 120 cm
Slightly sweet fragrance

Opening out in large clusters of up to 30 flowers, its pretty butter yellow roses that fade to cream stand out beautifully against dark foliage. ‘Château de Munsbach’ is a rosebush that grows well, with good repeat flowering and very good resistance to diseases. To finish off the summer season in style, its autumn flowering is impressive with remarkable clusters of flowers that exude a pleasant fragrance.

In 2017, the non-profit Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn set up the Conservatoire du Patrimoine Rosier luxembourgeois (Conservatory of Luxembourg Rosebush Heritage) in the gardens of Château de Munsbach.
In it visitors will find the largest collection of Luxembourg old roses, as well as the most recent creations dedicated to Luxembourg. Château de Munsbach was built in 1775 and was the former residence of several prominent Luxembourg families.



Address of the secretariat of the Association
Grand Ducal of the Friends of the Rose :

L- 7441 LINTGEN  Bergerie, 41

Phone Number: +352 621 422 444

CCPLLULL    IBAN LU32 1111 0943 0521 0000

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