Bree­der: Mar­tin Vis­sers (VIVA INTERNATIONAL)
Small Shrub
Colour: Sal­mon coral
Height: 80 cm
Inten­se fragrance

This rose­bush is striking in any gar­den. It has bus­hy and regu­lar vege­ta­ti­on, forming a balan­ced shrub that grows to a height of about 80 cm. Its matt green lea­ves are ama­zin­gly resistant to dise­a­ses. Thanks to a com­bi­na­ti­on of the robust­ness of a modern rose and the charm of an old-fashio­ned rose, this rose­bush excels whe­ther plan­ted alo­ne, in groups, in rose beds or low hedges. It’s a fresh and beau­tiful rose in a slight­ly sal­mon-colou­red coral sha­de, exu­ding incre­di­bly roman­tic charm with an inten­se fra­grance. As they last a long time in a vase, the cut roses will make up char­ming fra­grant bouquets.



Address of the secre­ta­ri­at of the Asso­cia­ti­on
Grand Ducal of the Fri­ends of the Rose :

L- 7441 LINTGEN  Ber­ge­rie, 41

Pho­ne Num­ber: +352 621 422 444

CCPLLULL    IBAN LU32 1111 0943 0521 0000

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