Maria Teresa

Cluster Rose
Lens Roses 1984

Colour:  Pink
Fragrance:  Medium fragrance
Repeat flowering: (June – October)
Height:  60  –  80  cm
Growth type: Compact
Flower:  Double, Large, 7 cm

A free-flowering cluster rose with old-fashioned charm. Bears large clusters of medium-sized double flowers. The light pink flowers open up to form a deep cup. The plant develops solid stems with fresh green leaves. Flowers from June to November. ‘Maria Teresa’ is a perfect rose for making bouquets, but is also suitable for a rose border, in a group between perennials, in a hedge or also in a pot. This variety was named by the Association Luxembourgeoise des Amis de la Rose (Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn) in honour of Princess Maria Teresa when she became the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.



Address of the secretariat of the Association
Grand Ducal of the Friends of the Rose :

L- 7441 LINTGEN  Bergerie, 41

Phone Number: +352 621 422 444

CCPLLULL    IBAN LU32 1111 0943 0521 0000

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