Hommage à Soupert & Notting

Bour­bon Clim­bing Rose
Bree­der: Fabi­en Ducher 2006

Height: 200 cm
Plan­ting distance: 100 cm
Powerful fragrance

In 1875, the famous French rose grower Per­net-Ducher dedi­ca­ted a beau­tiful mos­sy rose named ‘Sou­pert & Not­ting’ to his Luxem­bourg col­le­agues. To cele­bra­te the 150th anni­ver­sa­ry of the first Luxem­bourg roses coming onto the mar­ket, in 2006, Fabi­en Ducher, a sixth gene­ra­ti­on nephew of Per­net, laun­ched a new rose in honour of the pio­neers of rose gro­wing in Luxem­bourg. The clim­bing rose ‘Hom­mage à Sou­pert & Not­ting’ was named in the gar­dens of the for­mer resi­dence and work­place of Sou­pert & Not­ting in Lim­perts­berg by H.R.H. the Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg.

The buds open out into dark pink dou­ble flowers with a touch of sil­ver which exu­de a strong fra­grance, and the petals are nice­ly arran­ged like sli­ces of fruit on an apple tart. This rose­bush does­n’t do well in gloo­my wea­ther and requi­res an airy loca­ti­on in order to pre­vent cryp­to­ga­mic diseases.



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