Gaard um Titzebierg

Hybrid Musk Rose
Bree­der: Ann Vel­le (Lens Roses) 2005

Height: 120 – 150 cm
Plan­ting distance: 80 cm
Plea­sant fragrance

The musk rose ‘Gaard um Titze­bierg’ bears the name of the magni­fi­cent pri­va­te gar­dens in Cal­mus (Luxem­bourg) which boast a beau­tiful coll­ec­tion of Luxem­bourg roses of yes­teryear. This gar­den is well known among rose lovers, offe­ring excep­tio­nal views over the buco­lic land­scape of the foot­hills of the Ardennes.

‘Gaard um Titze­bierg’ is an ele­gant upright-gro­wing shrub with slight­ly trai­ling bran­ches. A multi­tu­de of pink red buds with the typi­cal fra­grance of Rosa mul­ti­flo­ra open out into litt­le lil­ac semi-dou­ble roses with a white cent­re. It con­ti­nues flowe­ring until the autumn, when the small oran­ge fruit appear. This natu­ral and sup­p­le-loo­king shrub has a good resis­tance to diseases.



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