Gaard um Titzebierg

Hybrid Musk Rose
Breeder: Ann Velle (Lens Roses) 2005

Height: 120 – 150 cm
Planting distance: 80 cm
Pleasant fragrance

The musk rose ‘Gaard um Titzebierg’ bears the name of the magnificent private gardens in Calmus (Luxembourg) which boast a beautiful collection of Luxembourg roses of yesteryear. This garden is well known among rose lovers, offering exceptional views over the bucolic landscape of the foothills of the Ardennes.

‘Gaard um Titzebierg’ is an elegant upright-growing shrub with slightly trailing branches. A multitude of pink red buds with the typical fragrance of Rosa multiflora open out into little lilac semi-double roses with a white centre. It continues flowering until the autumn, when the small orange fruit appear. This natural and supple-looking shrub has a good resistance to diseases.



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